A Proud Tradition Continues at Cynamic Chemical Company
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Floor Care  -  Housekeeping  -  Industrial  -  Foodservice  -  Laundry  -  APM
Cynamic Chemical Company can provide you wilth all your floor care needs. From VCT, Wood Floor, Carpet & Concrete. We have the Coatings,
Cleaners, Maintainers, Strippers and Protectancts to keep your floors looking like new. Below is our complete line of Floor Care products.

Hard Surface Floor Care – Coatings
    Simplicity Universal Floor Finish
    Defiant Multi Purpose Floor Finish
    Helios Ultimate High Speed Floor Finish
    Rock Candy High Performance Floor Finish

Hard Surface Floor Care – Cleaners
    Orange Blossom Damp Mop All Purpose Cleaner
    Aqua GP General Purpose Cleaner
    Daily Damp Mop Neutralizer and Cleaner
    Crème Cote All Purpose Cleaner
    Super Shine Cleaner Maintainer
    Emphasis Neutral Floor Cleaner Maintainer

Hard Surface Floor Care – Maintainers
    Pepco Shine Dust Mop Treatment
    Supersonic Spray Buff Compound
    All Sorb Spill Absorbent
    RPM 2001 Mop on Restorer 

Hard Surface Floor Care – Strippers
    Build Up Stripper Low Energy Floor Stripper
    Pex O Mite Non Ammoniated Floor Stripper
    Pour N’ Peel Premium Mop On Floor Stripper
    Free N’ Easy No Rinse Floor Stripper

Concrete Care – Coatings & Protectants
    Crete Seal Water Based Concrete Sealer
    Wear Crete Water Based Concrete Coating
    Protecrete – Concrete Densifier 

Wood Floor Care – Coatings
    Court Justice Wood Floor Finish (2 part)
    Court Seal Water Based Wood Sealer
    Court Security Single Part Wood Coating
    Superior Court 40% Oil Modified Urethane Wood Finish
    Supreme Court 47% Oil Modified Urethane Wood Finish
    Aqua Coat Wood Floor Finish  (2 part)

Wood Floor Care – Cleaners and Maintainers
    Court Approved Waterless Cleaner
    Court Appointed Wood Floor Prep Cleaner

Carpet Care – Presprays
    Traffic Lane Cleaner Encapsulating Carpet Prespray 

Carpet Care – Shampoos & Extraction Cleaners
    Extraction Cleaner  – Encapsulating Extraction Carpet Cleaner
    Dry Foam/Mist Shampoo Encapsulating Carpet Cleaner
    Mark L3 Heavy Duty Extraction Cleaner 
    Mark Tan Acid Rinse Detergent

Carpet Care – Spotters
    General Spotter General Spotter
    Spots Off – Premium General Spotter
   Natures Grace Enzyme Spotter
    Goo ‘N Gum Remover – Citrus Gel Spotter
    Mark Tan Acid Rinse Detergent

Carpet Care – Specialty
    Carpet Protectant – Carpet & Upholstery Protectant
   Anti-Foam Defoamer
    WSD – Spice Spice scented odor counteractant
    C-Breeze RTU Odor Counteractant RTU
    C-Breeze Concentrated Odor Counteractant