A Proud Tradition Continues at Cynamic Chemical Company
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Floor Care  -  Housekeeping  -  Industrial  -  Foodservice  -  Laundry  -  APM
Housekeeping – Restroom Cleaners
    SuperpHoamFoaming Acid Cleaner Descaler
    GlistenNon-Acid Bowl Cleaner
    CompleteThickened Acid Restroom Cleaner
    Bowl CrèmeAcid Bowl Cleaner
    Crème Cleanser – Hard Surface Creme Cleanser
    Wipe OutTile & Grout Cleaner
    ClingerClinging Acid Bowl Cleaner
    Porcelain CleanerFoaming Porcelain Cleaner
    Perox-A-PeelMulti-Purpose Oxygen Cleaner

Housekeeping – Glass & Surface Cleaners
    Pepco 808Ammoniated Glass Cleaner Concentrate
    Pepco 811RTU Ammoniated Glass Cleaner
    Pane-LessPremium RTU Glass Cleaner
    Glass Cleaner ConcentratePremium Glass Cleaner Concentrate
   Gleam – Water-Based Furniture Polish
    Lemon Spray PolishDusting, Cleaning, Waxing Polish
    High ShineStainless Steel Polish

Housekeeping – Drain Treatments
    Drain CleanerAlkaline Drain Treatment 
    PipelineDrain and Grease Trap Treatment

Housekeeping – Disinfectants & Sanitizers
    Spray Away – Bathroom Cleaner & Sanitizer
    DSC – Disinfectant-Cleaner
   Alti-Mate 64 – Germicidal Cleaner
    Alti-Mate 256 – One Step Germicidal Detergent & Deodorant
    Sanitizer (Clear) – Odorless Disinfectant and Sanitizer
    Sanitizer (Red) – Odorless Disinfectant and Sanitizer
    Sanitizer RTU – Ready To Use Food Contact Sanitizer

Housekeeping – Hand Care
    Pepco 31515% Coconut Oil Soap
    EssenceBody, Hand and Hair Shampoo
    Foaming Hand SoapPremium Foaming Soap
    Pink SilkHand, Hair & Body Soap
    SilkHand, Hair & Body Soap

Housekeeping – General Purpose Cleaners & Degreasers
    Spray 66THE Universal Cleaner Degreaser
    Mist N Wipe RTUNon-Butyl All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser
    N.B.C. – Odorless Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser
    FantasticoLavender Scent Concentrated All Purpose Cleaner
    Fantastico RTULavender Scent Ready To Use All Purpose Cleaner
    Orange Blossom – Damp Mop All Purpose Cleaner
    Aqua GP – General Purpose Cleaner
    Green MagicAll Purpose Industrial Degreaser
    Super Shine – Cleaner Maintainer
    H.D. Oxygen Cleaner – Peroxide Enhanched Cleaner
    H.D. Oxygen Cleaner RTU– Ready To Use Peroxide Enhanched Cleaner
    Perox-A-PeelMulti-Purpose Oxygen Cleaner
    Citrus Cleaner DegreaserCitrus Based
    Crème Cote – All Purpose Cleaner
   Foreman RTUHeavy Duty Fast Acting Solvent Cleaner
    All American 32 SkidooSuper Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

Housekeeping – Odor Control
    Dumpster FreshGarbage Malodor Neutralizer
    C-Breeze RTUOdor Counteractant RTU
    C-BreezeConcentrated Odor Counteractant
    WSD - SpiceSpice Scented Odor Counteractant